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Feedco SA offers its customers Group I, II and III base oils, waxes, petroleum jellies and Pale Oils which are sourced in the most effective way to secure its customers requirements and quality specifications. Our trading team relies on a vast experience gained in different fields as refining, shipping, distribution and blending operations to ensure to offer most price competitive base oil supply options to its customers while safeguarding high standards of product quality and optimal logistics. The Company has developed considerable expertise and knowledge of the refining process, quality, pricing and distribution channels on a global basis. Our further business activity and approach includes providing intelligence regarding product availability, market developments, trends and assistance on quality and technical aspects related to base oil applications and lubricant manufacturing. Our customer base ranges from major oil companies to independent blending companies and local distributors which are located in all regions of the world. Feedco SA has access to all major base oil producers, refineries and distributors on a world-wide basis which ensures it can meet all requirements for any sort of base oil supply. We believe our strength lies in the ability to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics in the global base oil supply and demand ratio which creates procurement and sales opportunities for any of the regional markets which we service.

Feedco S.A. head office is based in Geneva Switzerland and has supporting offices in Singapore and Shangha & Manchester


  • Foundation 

    Feedco was established in 1987 in London United Kingdom. The initial main activities consisted of purchase and sales of crude oil, refinery feedstock, fuel oils, distillates and specialty chemicals.

  • Base Oil  

    Feedco started to lift their first base oil cargoes from the former Soviet Union. As for exporting the first base oil capacities ex Russia, Feedco required to manage  all accompanied rail and storage duties as to allow the product to reach it’s North West European customers.

  • UK Storage and Distribution 

    After starting to sell base oils into the UK as from 1993, Feedco decided to establish a storage and distribution facility the United Kingdom. This allowed their UK customer base to grow steadily thereafter.  

    Today Feedco services to around 20 regular customers from their storage facility in Birkenhead and offers base stock availability from a wide variety of qualities which ever its customers require. 

  • Nigeria 

    Feedco starts to become successful into the Nigerian market with the first sale concluded of base oil into Lagos.


  • Expansion on Base oil trading

    Feedco took a strategic decision to expand its base oil activities globally. Additional experienced trading personnel were added to the team to further expand its sales regions and strengthen the crucial relationships with base oil producers through North West Europe.

  • India – UAE

    First transaction into India and United Arab Emirates were concluded.

  • Foundation Feedco SA 

    Feedco SA established in Geneva Switzerland.

  • Global 

    During the years 2009 – 2010 , it was decided Feedco SA required to stretch its reach and initiated further global expansion. More focus was attended to local regional markets and relationships were strengthened with additional base oil capacity and producers which  came on stream in the Asian region. By this time Feedco SA actively trades base oils around the globe with presence in United States, South America , NW Europe , India , Middle East SE Asia and China. 

  • Singapore 

    Feedco SA established a Representative Office in Singapore. Having local presence allows further strengthening and understanding of Asian markets and improving customer services. 

  • Multiple Transportation Services – Specialty products 

    During 2012 – 2013, Feedco SA expands the range of services by offering a variety of inter- modal Transportation services to cater to any size, volume and type of delivery. Feedco SA undertakes operation of flexible storage position in Baltic Sea, optimising sourcing and supply to meet it’s customers demands. Expands product range to include waxes, anti freezes and glycols.

  • China

    Feedco SA establishes representation in the People 's Republic of China. Our China sales representative will further advance our presence within the Chinese base oil industry. Feedco SA will improve their services for all inquiries for G I / II / III base oil and specialties whether by means of bulk or d flexi bag delivery.

Shipping & Logistics

The know how and experience of Feedco S.A’s global shipping and logistics team not only contributes substantial value to our customers but also enhances our efficiency in delivering our wide range of products across the globe.

Our chartering team liaises very closely with major global tanker operators and leading shipbrokers to guarantee optimal freight costs while safeguarding a very strict quality control and compliance with all International Maritime Organisation rules and regulations.

This expertise results in cost effective and timely deliveries, ensuring products are being delivered to our customers within stringent quality specifications desired. Our Operations & Finance team prides itself to anticipate any operational issues which may incur. Our team closely monitors vessels performances, loading and discharging operations and is highly involved in preparation of terminal, voyage and load-discharge instructions with our operational counter parties. Communication and pro active sharing of information with our customers is key. Next to larger bulk shipments, Feedco SA expanded its services to moving smaller volumes of product by sea in flexi tanks and ISO Containers. Our Operations team handles any related logistics, including customs clearance and any further required rail or truck transportation.


In the United Kingdom, Feedco S.A storage and distribution facilities are located in Birkenhead from where the domestic UK market is being serviced.

Our storage facilities are strategically located to allow deep sea going ships into our berth and allow imports of a wide variety of base oils to meet our domestic customers demand.

Feedco S.A. prides itself to count a wide variety of independent blenders, major Oil companies to its customer base in the U.K. to whom we deliver a wide variety and range of quality base oils for the automotive and industrial lubricant manufacturers.


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